If you could relive one year of high school, which year would it be? Why?

Chloe Anthony: Junior, because I went to Nationals for IEA and I could redo my schedule.

Damion Kelley: 12th

Derrick Albers: Junior year because it was my favorite year for football.

Connor Butchko: My senior year because it would be my last year again and just to hang out with friends one more time.

Nicholas Baker: 9th grade

Taylor Fenstermaker: If I “could,” I would choose not to. If I had to, my senior year because I was able to do live performances and attend choir festivals.

Bryce Lindstrom: 9th grade. It was the only year of high school I had before the pandemic.

Aiden Kafferlin: Freshman year, I was easy going.

Zachary Ahl: Junior year, it was a good time.

Konnor Johnson: 9th grade because [there was] no COVID and I had some of the best teachers: Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Hogue, [and] Mr. Potocki.

Logan Joncas: 10th, it was a lot of fun but some was taken because [of] COVID.

Jasmine Miles: Freshman (9th) [grade] year because it was pretty laid back and I liked the projects I was given.

Alexis Hasbrouck: Probably 10th grade because even though it was a tough year it helped push me to be the person I want to become.

Nathaniel Davies: Freshman year because that was before COVID and that, a but of a hot take here, sucked.

Caelin Silvis: My junior year because I’d say that’s where I peaked.

Hunter Savitz: Senior year–it was filled with fun.

Diana Piscitelli: 9th grade so I could fix my fashion sense.

Sierra Geer: I wouldn’t want to relive any year because I want to leave.

Jade McElravy: Senior year.

Riley Maynard: Sophomore year because it was the last year all of my friends were together.

Tyler Beach: Freshman year, I had a lot of classes with my friends.

Lexi Frisina: Freshman year because classes were easier and I was actually excited to be in high school.

Austyn Benninger: My senior year.

Austin Fenstermaker: 11th so I could have taken harder classes.

Samantha Goodwill: I would relive my senior year because of all the activities we had.

Critstin Rastatter: Tenth grade because school got cancelled.

Selena Green: I would relive the year of 2019 where our first year of high school began and we thought we were so cool to be with the “big kids.”

Abigail Sell: 12th, made many good memories and bad memories, learned a lot.

Rosemary Molthan: “There is a time to cheer, and a time to weep.” I am ready and excited for college.

Abigail Fralick: Whichever day we had the homecoming pep rally sophomore year, it was fun and we actually did events.

Nathan Wright: 11th grade year.

Kendall Keener: Sophomore year because it was the most relaxing and laid back.

Rachel Brady: Sophomore year because I peaked then.