Survey: Favorite lunch choices


Elaina Brown, Editor

I took a survey of students at our school on what their favorite lunch choices are. Everyone’s answers were (not surprisingly at all) very similar.

  • Rachel Brady: Cheesy chicken rice
  • Porter Kafferlin: pizza
  • Trevor Hayes: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Tyler Biondi: tacos
  • Gwen Adams: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Kiera Knight: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Tori  Kinney: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Lakota Donaldson: mac and cheese
  • Karissa Anderson: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Lani Keenedy: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Stephen Brady: mini corn dogs
  • Kayla Kurelowech: nothing
  • Emily Blake: zen bowl
  • Bella Burrows: tacos
  • Cole Nickerson: zen bowl
  • Brant Xander: zen bowl
  • Bryan Cressley: kung pow zen bowl
  • Kurtis Grenz: popcorn chicken bowl
  • Jamie Brozell: cheesy chicken rice
  • Landon Dean: mini corn dogs
  • Keaton Higley: pizza
  • Maddie Goodwill: mac and cheese
  • Addy Amy: pizza
  • Kendall Passinger: mac and cheese
  • Brinley Watrous: mac and cheese