Johnny Depp v Amber Heard: Is this case being handled appropriately?


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Ava Gjertsen, Editor

As of recently, the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard case has stirred an abundance of attention and controversy. Primarily, it’s gained immense popularity on socials medias such as TikTok and YouTube. People have been nonstop gossiping if Amber Heard or Johnny Depp is at fault, though most people seem to have taken sides with Depp and showing their support for him.

What I wish to focus on, however, is how little people seem to take this situation seriously. There’s been a barrage of compilations on TikTok and YouTube, with titles like “funny moments in the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial.” This is absurd, considering this is a domestic abuse trial. Sure, there’s some moments that have been humorous, but the bigger picture is that this is not a laughing matter. As stated, most people have been supporting Johnny Depp, but people have been acting as though he’s having a good time in court, when in fact he’s there for abuse allegations. The trial is being treated like a reality TV show episode, which is frankly disgusting. Viewers have been poking a ton of fun at Heard’s lawyers, because admittedly, they’re clearly not the best and have had funny interactions, but the case as a whole should not be entertaining to someone. On top of this, TikTok users have been making edit videos of moments or of the case in general. People are so out of touch with reality and insensitive about this matter. Whether you believe Heard or Depp is guilty is beside the point. It’s not a joke.

As a Johnny Depp fan myself, I also feel the need to point out the way people have been painting him as 100% innocent, and as if he can do no wrong. Whether you think he’s guilty or innocent doesn’t matter; his actions are far from perfect and he’s said and done some pretty awful things. It is truly a gray area. Holding somebody to such standards and placing them on a pedestal is harmful and will do no good in the trial. Everybody involved must be held accountable.

Overall, this case is something that should be analyzed and unbiased. Treating this trial as if its entertainment is the last thing that should be happening because its about domestic violence.