The amazing Austin


Austin Nickerson

Willow Bowen, Reporter

Austin Nickerson was born September 15, 2005, growing up with three siblings: Maddy, Grant, and Samantha. Throughout his life Austin attended Erie, Clymer, and Corry for school. However, he has spent his middle and high school years at Corry, recently joining the high school band. 

Some of Austin’s interests are writing song lyrics, watching movies, and playing video games, specifically “Red Dead Redemption.” In his future years, he sees himself as an entertainer or possibly a professional wrestler. 

If Austin could visit anywhere in the future it would be to perform in the Tokyo Dome or Madison Square Garden. He also said that his dream vacation would be a world tour, so maybe he could make a few stops to those places while he’s making his way around the world. Austin’s upcoming traveling days consist of concerts, New York City, and a trip to Puerto Rico with his church. 

Fun facts about Austin would be his favorite color is black, he likes sushi, his favorite class is honors choir because he gets to sing, his favorite movie is “American Psycho,” and he enjoys watching hockey and wrestling. 

Austin’s biggest pet peeve is when people are two-faced and when they are helping you just to use it to their advantage. His favorite quote is “Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do,” by Scott Hall. If Austin were to give advice to his readers it would be to support the Johnny Depp case and spread the message #justiceforjohnny.