Corry’s track team impresses at Slippery Rock Invitationals


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

On Saturday, April 23, some of Corry’s track team headed down to Slippery Rock University to compete in their first invitational this year.

Every athlete performed well, yet only a few of them placed. The track meet started at 8 a.m. and lasted all day until 10 p.m. Corry’s track team had a good day, having many people qualify for districts such as: Skylar Riedel qualified for long jump and triple jump; Camryn Fox also qualified for long jump; Mallory Dahlgren qualified for discus; Rachel Brady qualified for shot put and javelin; Levi Tasker qualified for 100m dash; John Styborski qualified for discus; and Xavier Reyda also qualified for discus. The girls’ 4x100m qualified for districts, and the girls’ 4x400m qualified as well. Then the girls’ 4x800m qualified for districts, and they also placed 2nd at the invitational, receiving a medal.

Senior Xavier Reyda did the best out of the boys for discus, also placing 3rd for shot put, and Skylar Riedel placed 6th in long jump, and 7th in triple jump.

When asked what they enjoy most about their track season, Reyda answered, “What I enjoy most is the unexpected factor. For example, if you throw super far, your next throw could be bad compared to that one.”

Riedel said, “Competing long and triple jump.”

The next question was, “What were your thoughts on the Slippery Rock Invitational?” Reyda said, “It was hot, but there was a lot of competition around.”

Riedel replied with, “It was the biggest meet I’ve ever been to, and it was very hot. Overall, it was a great experience.”

The final question was about the track season so far. Reyda said, “I think my season is going pretty well. I threw districts in both my events and the numbers keep getting higher and higher.”

Riedel said, “I’m enjoying the season and I am looking forward to seeing my improvements.”

The boys’ head coach Travis Carey attended the Slippery Rock Invitationals and here are his thoughts on how it went, “We competed well, and it was really good weather,” Carey said. “Some people improved their events, and excelled at this meet. It was an overall great day to compete.”

The boys’ team did competently. In the 3200 relay, the boys’ team got a 9:11.47; in the 100 hurdles Jacob Sproveri got a 21.28; for the 100m dash, Levi Tasker got an 11.72; 1600m run, Fabian Fourspring got 4:59.3; 400m relay, boys’ team got a 46.59; 400m relay, boys’ team got a 56.96; 300m hurdles, Skylar Messinger got 48.05; 800m run, Devin Graham got a 2:17.30; 200m dash, Waylon Jackson got a 25.36; 3200m run, Stephen Brady got a 10:54.06; 1600m relay, boys’ team got a 3:48.43; long jump, Mason Savitz got an 18-0.5; high jump, Mason Savitz got 5-0; triple jump, Will Allen got 35-04; pole vault, Isaiah Bayle got 8-6 and so did David Parrett; shot put, Xavier Reyda got 46-04; discus John Styborski, got 124-07; and lastly for javelin, Nolan Carey got 134-10. 

The girls’ head coach Ryan Kelly also attended the Slippery Rock Invitationals and here are his thoughts about the meet, “It went really well considering the heat,” Kelly said. “We had a few district qualifiers and I was really proud of all of them.”  

For the girls’ team they did pretty well. For the 100m, Skylar Riedel got 13.87; 200m Alexis McGahen, got 29.78; 400m, Camryn Fox got 2:42.41; 800m, Jordan Fox got 2:42.41; 1600m, Haeleigh Bayle got 5:49.09; 100h, Delaney Nickerson got 21.01; 300h, Delany Nickerson got 57.92; long jump, Skylar Riedel got 16-04.75; triple jump, Skylar Riedel got 30-06; discus, Mallory Dahlgren got 104-00.00; javelin, Rachel Brady got 115-04.00; and for shot put, Rachel Brady got 35-08.00.

Close to 40 students attended the Slippery Rock Track Invitational, and although everyone did adroitly, those who were mentioned did outstanding. The names and statistics recorded above were those of the team that had the top scores out of each of the events of the track athletes in Corry. This invitational gave every athlete the opportunity to hit these high scores.