Survey: What was the best part of your spring break?

Survey: What was the best part of your spring break?

Kayla Hayes, Reporter

We just got off of spring break that lasted about a week long, having Easter dinner with families and looking for Easter baskets around the house to find the delicious treats within them. Now we are back in the classrooms to keep expanding our knowledge. I went around the school asking both students and teachers what the best part of their break was. A lot of the responses were varied, while others were similar.

Mrs. Craig: Hanging out with family and cooking dinner

Mrs. Ruth: Relaxing through the whole break

Mr. McCray: Sit by the fire

Mrs. Briggs: Watched the new “Fantastic Beasts”

Kaylee Pierson: Beat my friends at the board game, Sorry, twice

Mrs. Adamski: Hanging out with family

Lexi Frisina: Hung out with family, friends, and boyfriend.

Mr. Detlénaut: Went to Pittsburgh

Trenton Lilley: Had some amazing deviled eggs

Alivia Burger: Played “Minecraft” all day, every day

Mrs. Reynolds: Not being on a routine

Mrs. Marsh: Went to the Cleveland Zoo

Mrs. Rose: Spent time with grandkids

Mahra Goodwill: Softball tournament

Tate Tasker: Hung out with Kurtis

Addy Reyda: Hung out with my boyfriend

Bella Burrows: Went to Pittsburgh with my boyfriend

Emily Blake: Hung out with my boyfriend

Mr. Daniels: Ate a lot of chocolate

Kyla Frisina: Hung out with my boyfriend

Caiden Chase: Hung out with family

Micaiah Pike: Went to New York