Ariana Gilger, Reporter

We would all be free without this thing called time

It may exist in our world, but not in my mind

There would be no “daytime” or “nighttime,” it would just be life

Maybe if there was less time, there would be less strife(1)


It is a made up thing to keep us all “organized”

But really it’s just an excuse to control our lives

We have to go to school and work at a specific “time”

And when we’re late they all act like it’s a crime

And we get punished for nothing, because it’s all in your minds


One person decided that “time” is necessary

How is that fair when we didn’t know life’s bare necessities

It’s my life, whose right is it to take control

I know what we need, and what we need is ukiyo

Ukiyo means “living in the moment,” which isn’t what we know

But we could, if only we learned to grow


(1)- conflict