Survey: What is your dream career?


Elaina Brown, Editor

Most people have a dream career, so I asked some people what theirs is. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re going to do, too! You want to wake up every day not hating going to work. I think my main goal in life is to love my job.

  • Cameron Richards: Sports Photographer
  • Johnie Craker: Vet
  • Sadie Carpen: Doctor
  • Landen Nichols: Diesel Mechanic
  • Jason Lindstrom: Air Force
  • Tate Tasker: State Trooper
  • Anna Alsdoif: Mechanic
  • Gabe Scouten: President
  • Addy Reyda: Traveling Nurse
  • Gavin Maleski: Military/Air Force
  • Makayla Landers: FBI
  • Jallen Klabier: Graphic Artist
  • Erik Banks: Astrophysicist
  • Andrew Harvey: NASCAR
  • Jackson Dyne: Chemist
  • Porter Kafferlin: Mechanic
  • Aubrey Vanderhoff: Politician
  • Tyler Biondi: Blacksmith
  • Oakley Terill: Game Warden
  • Cooper Downey: Chemical Engineer
  • Devin Hildum: Army
  • Mr. Daniels: Teacher, “I’m livin’ it”
  • Olivia Whitaker: Marketing management
  • Kyla Frisina: Orthodontist
  • Kylynn Dean: Trophy wife