My top 10 favorite things to do on Halloween

My top 10 favorite things to do on Halloween

April Peterson, Reporter

There are several things people do on Halloween.  Most kids go trick-or-treating, but I am 16 years of age, so trick-or-treating is not really my thing. I like going to Halloween parties or walking around to admire the decorations or to see all the jack ‘o lanterns lit. I also dress up in a really scary costume to scare little kids and see the fear. I like staying up late to watch scary movies with my family. It is also a family tradition to play card games and have a little costume party. Sometimes we even go on a shopping spree to spend family time together. Every year I make a basket full of Halloween goodies for my best friend. I enjoy doing this because it always makes her day. Sometimes I go over to a friend’s house and make cookies and other treats, my favorite thing out of everything to do is listening to Halloween music on full blast just “vibing” to the songs.

10. Go to Halloween parties

9. Walk around and look at decorations

8. Dressing up

7. Watch movies

6. Card games

5. Costume Parties

4. Shopping spree

3. Basket for friends

2. Making baked goods

1. Listening to spooky music