Survey: What is your favorite thing about school?

Survey: What is your favorite thing about school?

Cameron Brown, Reporter

Now many people may not like the idea of waking up early in the morning to come to school. People may show that they don’t like school, but deep down there is one thing that they like about school. Thanks to 25 people I asked, I got some information about why people may like school. Here’s the responses I received.

Shelby Fox: “Math class”

Sara Fox: “Snack bar and Mr. Potocki’s class”

Katlynn Heidler: “Snack Bar”

Madison Gustafson: “English”

Ali Torz: “Friends”

Roselyn Becerra: “Friends”

Parker Lewis: “Mr. Hogue”

Taylor Mitchell: “PE”

Jazmyn Hersey: “Mr. Adamski”

Aubrey Chase: “Food”

Mr. Hogue: “Working with many wonderful people”

Sarah Snyder: “Seeing besties”

Sarah Goldner: “Seeing Grant Adams”

Jameson Dyne: “Seeing Rose”

Brooklyn Taylor: “Seeing friends”

Grant Adams: “Seeing Friends”

Aaron Hawlui: “Gym”

Ryan Knapp: “Gym”

Kerah Groves: “Writing”

Connor Sterling: “Gym”

Eli Gates: “Gym”

Mr Potocki: “Getting to work with amazing people”

Myleigh Music: “Mr. Potocki”

Mrs. Greer: “Meeting new students”

Mrs. Ruth: “Getting to communicate with people”

Thank you everyone for your wonderful answers and letting me take a few seconds to talk to you. Now everyone may be wondering about what I like about school and to me my favorite thing about school is seeing people I may not see a lot.