What’s your favorite Easter tradition?


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

April is here, so you know what that means: one of the best holidays is coming up! Easter time is here! Baskets full of treats left from the one and only Easter Bunny, a big feast to share with all your relatives, and a trip to church honoring the Resurrection of Jesus. Each family has their own special tradition that they do with their families, whether it be coloring eggs, eating the big family dinner, visiting family, finding the basket, or the famous Easter egg hunt! There are so many more traditions that many people hold close to their hearts, and I took a survey to find out what the students and staff have to say about the following question: “What’s your favorite Easter tradition?”

Gwen Adams – “Eating the Easter candy from my basket.”

Mrs. Adamski – “Eating dinner with my family.”

Jonas Anthony – “Eating Easter ham with my family.”

Halle Beach – “Coloring eggs”

Tyler Biondi – “Eating the big Easter dinner.”

Mr. Brewer – “Painting Easter eggs with my kids.”

Gary Butcher – “Doing our Easter egg hunt.”

Mr. Carney – “Eating my kids Easter chocolate.”

Emmalee Carr – “Getting my Easter basket.”

Karson Chamberlin – “Easter egg hunt.”

Kendyll Chamberlin – “Hunting the Easter bunny.”

Aubrey Chase – “Painting eggs.”

Mr. Coates – “Eating candy (Cadbury Mini Eggs)”

K.C. Cozad – “Painting eggs.”

Mrs. Cragg – “Easter egg hunt.”

Mr. Cragg – “Going to church with my family.”

Sara Fox – “Going to see the Easter Bunny.”

Shelby Fox – “Looking for my Easter basket.”

Miley Gwin – “Coloring eggs.”

Trevor Hays – “Finding my Easter basket.”

Luke Hurd – “Hunting for Easter eggs.”

Porter Kafferlin – “Eating dinner with my family.”

Tori Kinney – “Finding my basket.”

Keira Knight – “Easter dinner.”

Morgan Martin – “Coloring eggs.”

Maleri Mather – “Easter dinner.”

Delaney Nickerson – “Finding Easter baskets.”

Tyler Parker – “Eating the food.”

Mr. Passinger – “Visit family and do our big Easter egg hunt.”

Mackenzie Patterson – “Easter egg hunt.”

Addison Pillar – “Easter egg hunt.”

Mr. Potocki – “To decorate Easter eggs, and then eat them.”

Kaygen Rogers – “Coloring eggs.”

Elly Shearan – “Easter egg hunt.”

Zach Turben – “Easter egg hunt.”

Peyton Wilkinson – “Easter dinner.”

Sydney Woods – “Easter egg hunt.”

From looking at all of the responses the one that is most popular is hunting for Easter eggs. There are many interesting things that people enjoy doing the most for Easter.