Getting to know mellow Maddie Braswell

Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

Madison Braswell is a sophomore student here at Corry High School. To many, she is known as Maddie. Maddie participates in many activities and is always a nice smiling face to see. Before getting started, I’d like to thank Maddie for taking the time to answer these questions!

I started out with rather generic questions as a “warm up.” After questioning Maddie, it turns out her favorite color is teal, her favorite season is fall, and her hobbies are to crochet and do crafty projects. Crafts are always a fun way to spend free days and relax after a possibly stressful week.

Of course, I had to ask her what her favorite food is, because how can an interview not have a question related to food? Maddie’s favorite food is chicken tortilla soup. I can’t help but agree with her love of chicken tortilla soup, it is truly a great dinner to have on a chilly day in the fall or winter.

Maddie is also very active in the sports area: she does cheer (football and basketball) and track as well! Maddie runs sprinting events and does the hurdles for track. I then asked how she liked doing hurdles. To that she responded with, “It’s a lot of work and can be difficult at times, but it’s worth it, and actually doing it feels good.” To end this paragraph on a “pawsitive” note, I asked Maddie if she had any pets. She said, “I have four dogs. Isabel is a Pekingese, Clover is a Springer Spaniel, Forest is a Beagle, and Pandora is a Husky…we have a cat with the most generic name ever, his name is Mittens.” All of Maddie’s furry friends seem to be like a bunch of fun!

Moving on to a series of more in-depth questions, I started out by asking what her favorite subject is, which turns out to be biology 2 with Mr. Kerr. Going off of that, I wondered if her love of science would play into her future job. Maddie told me that her preferred job is to become a dentist! I then inquired about how her high school career has been going so far. She responded, “I feel like my high school career has been a challenge in a good way. Of course there is always stressful times, but those are just lessons that I’m being taught through trial and error.” I could not agree with Maddie more! Life is all about learning and growing, and seeing how Maddie already has this figured out in tenth grade, I know Maddie will go far in life. Her goal, or dream, has been to “graduate high school and college, and be successful in my future career.” Goals are important in life, and Maddie clearly has many goals for herself, which is a showing of true character!

Getting into the deeper questions, I asked Maddie what her favorite quote is. To that she responded with, “I like to think of life as an adventure, like a roller coaster. It helps with the ups and downs,” (Eddie Izzard). I definitely find this quote very meaningful! One important life lesson Maddie learned, specifically a lesson her dad teaches her is, “Don’t be an ant” which means that Maddie should make her own path in life, and that she doesn’t need to be exactly like everyone else. I can’t help but really appreciate the value in this life lesson, which shows how important just being yourself is.

Once again, I want to thank Maddie for her time and I am sure all the readers learned something fun and new about fellow student, Madison Braswell. To conclude this fun article, here is a piece of Maddie’s advice for everyone: “Don’t take things the hard way, everything can be difficult, but there’s always a way to work through it. Just be understanding of people because one day you’re going to want someone to understand you.”