Mr. Buona wins Golden Apple Award


Willow Bowen, Reporter

David Buona recently received a Golden Apple Award after Corry Middle School student Kennadie Kubecki nominated him.

Golden Apple Awards have been awarded to teachers all over the country. They are representations of a teacher’s hard work and compassion they show towards their students. Teachers can be awarded a Golden Apple Award through their students writing essays describing why their teachers deserve to win. Mr Buona described that he was lucky enough to have a great, creative kid like Kennadie Kubecki to take the time out of her day and write an amazing letter about him. He said, “I think my award is more of a reflection of her skills and ability as a writer than mine as a teacher.” 

Mr. Buona has been teaching for 19 years, 18 of them being in Corry. He said his father was a great storyteller, and he taught him how important education was if he wanted to be successful. Mr. Buona said that, “I’m lucky enough that I get to tell stories every day while also trying to instill that same realization of just how vital your education is to your successes in life.” His favorite part about being a teacher is being able to have fun every day while talking about things he enjoys, and then seeing his students grow from little kids into young adults. “It’s a fun journey!” he says. 

When I asked what Mr. Buona’s initial reaction was he said that, “I was surprised and shocked and just got done yelling at my class so I felt bad.” That’s okay, though, because we all know Mr. Buona loves his kids and teaching.

When I asked how long it was before he won a Golden Apple Award he said, “This is my second; I got one about 13 years ago as well.” So lucky enough, he has had the opportunity to win two Golden Apple Awards, and that’s impressive because most teachers don’t even win one.

When I asked him if this award completed his teaching goals he responded with, “I still have 17 years left, so I have lots to accomplish!”