Corry High School singers come back from regions in glory


Ryah Lambert, Taylor Fenstermaker, Kyron Helmer, and Lauren Thomas

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Corry High School Honors Choir students Taylor Fenstermaker (Senior), Kyron Helmer (Senior), Ryah Lambert (Junior), and Lauren Thomas (Sophomore) have made big strides in the musical world over the past couple months. The four  singers have just returned from the regional choir competition, which took place on Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25, at Franklin High School in Franklin, PA.

Qualifying for choir regions is fairly common for Corry High School Choir. These four singers are now a part of chorus history by being added to the long list of qualifying for regionals and states. When asked about if anyone in Corry High School Chorus history has ever qualified for regionals and states, Mrs. Smrcka said, “Yes, every year we have a good amount of students qualify for regionals and states. For the past 20 years I’ve been teaching here, we’ve had over 25 students attend regional and state chorus competitions.”

Taylor Fenstermaker (Senior) left chorus regionals placing first chair (place), out of 20 Soprano 2’s.  Kyron Helmer (Senior) placed 8th chair at regional’s, Ryah Lambert (Junior) placed first chair (place) as an Alto at regional’s, and Lauren Thomas (Sophomore) placed in the second chair (place) out of 20 other singers at regional’s. All of them placed well in each of their levels of tone. 

Being able to attend regionals is a big accomplishment for high school chorus singers. So many emotions are flying through the air, and so many memories are going to be made. They all must have been so excited, and so nervous at the same time. When asked what they enjoyed most about going to regionals, Taylor Fenstermaker said, “My favorite part about regionals was meeting new people who love music and singing as much as I do.”

When asking Kyron Helmer, he answered with, “I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing old friends that I met at prior music festivals.”

Ryah Lambert’s response to the question was, “What I enjoyed most about going to regionals was getting to hear all of the voices come together. It’s amazing how you can practice a song at home/school by yourself and maybe not like it too much, but then love it when you hear everyone sing it together and all of the parts shine through. It is also really special since everyone there is so talented.” 

Lauren Thomas’s added, “I enjoyed meeting new people, and growing as a singer the most.”

Three out of four of the students also qualified to perform at states. The singers that did were Taylor Fenstermaker, Ryah Lambert, and Lauren Thomas. Sadly Kyron Helmer did not qualify for states, but he sends the best of luck to the three girls, stating, “I didn’t qualify for states, but I hope that Taylor, Ryah, and Lauren knock the socks off the judges and blow their competition right out the water. They’re amazing singers with extremely bright futures in music.” 

It’s just one exciting moment after another. When asked about their hopes for states Taylor Fenstermaker replied with, “For states I am most excited about learning more from our guest conductor and singing in a group with other advanced musicians.”

Ryah Lambert responded, “My hopes for states are to place well and to be able to learn more from the conductor there.”

Lauren Thomas responded with, “My hopes for states are to place well, to grow in my abilities, and have a great time with such a cool experience.”

These students should be very proud of themselves for their accomplishments that they’ve made throughout the past couple months. They’ve all worked very hard to get to this point, putting in countless amounts of training to their voices, and learning many songs. They all have such love and passion for singing. This is truly an honorable accolade for these four, and it is assumed that their musical journey definitely won’t stop any time soon.