Radiant Rachael


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

Rachael Edgar is a junior attending Corry High School this year. She was born in Erie on September 10, 2004, making her seventeen years old.

She’s a big fan of animals, which truly shows with her owning two cats, three dogs, and three rats. Some of her hobbies include skiing and playing soccer; in fact, she works as a skiing instructor in the winter and has been on the soccer team for some time now.

When asked about her future plans, Rachael says that she wants her career to be something she enjoys and will give her plenty of money. In ten years, she sees herself content with things, as well as successful and wealthy.

An interesting fact about her is that she has owned five rats in total during her life so far. A piece of advice Rachael would like to give her readers is, “Do what you want, man.” Overall, she is a thriving student with a bright future ahead of her!