The life of Lexi


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Some of you may know Lexi Heiser, but what do you actually know about her? Alexis Victoria Heiser, more known as “Lexi or Lex” Heiser is a 14-year-old girl, born on May 8, 2007. Lex grew up here in Corry, PA. She has three siblings: older brothers Nathaniel (Nate), who is now 24, and Tristan, who is 19, plus her younger brother Kevin, who is currently 12. She also has four beloved cats, Zoey, Pongo, Precious and Lukie. Her family also has three family dogs, Winston (Winnie), Norman (Norm), and Marley. Growing up Lex attended Conelway School, then Corry Primary for second grade, then she attended Corry Elementary, until switching over to Corry Area Middle-High School where she currently attends and has attended since 2018.

Not only is Lexi a crazy cat lover, she is also an extremely busy girl who loves to be on the go. Lexi is currently in two sports, track, and dance. This year is her first year throwing for track, and her twelfth year dancing. Lexi will soon begin her second softball season. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, riding, and jet skiing, all with her best friend Jenna.

Currently, Lexi’s favorite class is Biology with Mrs. Jackman. Lexi’s favorite movie is easily “California Christmas,” and her favorite color is cheetah print, but if she actually had to pick a favorite color it would have to be forest green. Her favorite song is “Somebody’s Problem” by Morgan Wallen, and her favorite food is pasta salad. Lexi’s biggest pet peeves are: when people put their hands in her face, when people chew with their mouths open, and when someone talks over someone else.

Lex has several future goals, those starting with attending Cornell University, then going on to getting a stable job as a veterinarian. All she wants in the future besides being very successful is a good home and a good family. A dream vacation of hers is to travel to Paris, France, with her mom.

Lexi’s ideal perfect date would either be a roof top dinner with a good view, or a ride to watch the sunset. If she had to pick one animal to match her personality it would be a cheetah because she loves cheetah print, and cheetahs are as fast-paced and feisty as is she.

Lexi’s current favorite quote is “You win some, you lose some.” A fun fact about Lexi is that she was Little Miss Corry in 2016, and is currently Jr. Miss Corry.

I would now like to take a moment to thank Lexi for taking the time out of her day and allowing me to interview her.