The San Francisco earthquake


Khristian Loveland, Reporter

Many earthquakes have occurred throughout history, and many in the United States, as well. San Francisco happened to have taken one of the biggest and most well-known earthquakes in the history of the United States.

The San Francisco earthquake had a magnitude of 7.9 and happened on April 18, 1906. The power of the earthquake was felt from Los Angeles to Oregon and caused severe damage to San Francisco. The city has experienced prior earthquakes, but 1906 was described as s noise similar to “the roaring of 10,000 lions.” San Francisco was shaking in its entirety, cable cars stopped, the city hall collapsed, and Palace Hotel’s windows shattered. There was even a large scale fire in the business district after the earthquake.

The fire lasted four days before the rain put it out, more than 500 blocks had been leveled, 28,000 buildings were destroyed, and there was a damage of 350 million dollars. The death toll exceeded over 3,000, while 250,000 people were left completely homeless.

The point is that San Francisco experienced many earthquakes around the 1900s, but the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was by far the worst. The event caused even foreign countries to try and help pay the destruction in property, while also sending food and water to help the people who were lived through the tragedy.