Carlos Correa finds a new team

Former Astros star shortstop Carlos Correa signed a contract with the Minnesota Twins

Carlos Correa finds a new team

Jonathan Albers, Editor

Carlos Correa was the biggest free agent heading into this off-season. Many players had yet to find a team when the lockout started, and Correa was one of them. Here we are, a couple of days after the lockout ended, and Carlos Correa has signed a three-year, 105 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Twins.

Correa has emerged as one of the best shortstops in the league since his debut in 2015.  Correa is coming off his best season. He slashed .279/ .366 on base percentage/ .485 slugging/ .850 ops. In the 2021 season, Correa also displayed the most pop he’s had in his career. In 640 plate appearances he had a career high 26 home runs and 34 doubles. He also tied his career high in BB with 75. Correa’s 1.200 OPS at target field may have also influenced his decision to sign with Minnesota. Obviously, Correa had an amazing offensive season in 2021, but let’s not forget about his defense.

In 2021, Correa won the Platinum Glove. The Platinum Glove Award is given out to the player that is voted the best fielder in the N.L. and A.L. separately. According to Baseball Savant, Correa had the 6th most Outs Above Average with 12, and 9 runs prevented, which also ranks 6th. His 77% success rate while fielding is tied for second among shortstops. He is ranked 6th overall for fielding among shortstops.

Correa’s 35.1 million dollars a year is the most ever for an infielder, and it’s well-deserved. Will Correa be able to continue his amazing play with the Twins? We’ll see the answer to this question when MLB opens on April 7.