Bubbly Mrs. Brundage


MaKenna Moore

Mrs. Brundage with student Aubrey Chase

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

A kindhearted sixth-grade English teacher at Corry Area High School, Mrs. Brundage was born in Union City, Pennsylvania. She has been teaching in the district for 15 years, enjoying every moment with her school kiddos. Mrs. Brundage really enjoys her job, working and helping kids every day.

Interestingly, Mrs. Brundage was once a student at the very school she teaches at. Yep, Mrs. Brundage was once a Lady Beaver who enjoyed school and everything about the subject English. When asked what her dream career as a child would have been she answered with, “I always knew I wanted to be an English teacher when I grew up. I had such good teachers around me, and they had influenced me throughout my school career that I just knew that would be the best job for me. I had always thought that teaching was the spot for me, so I decided to go for it. I just love the relationships you build with the students.” 

To get more of an insight on Mrs. Brundage’s life, the following questions will give you a big picture about her. When asked what her favorite hobby was she answered with, “My favorite hobby would definitely have to be shopping, I love shopping!”

Knowing her love for English, and the fact that she’s an English teacher, it was no surprise what her answer was to the question, what was your favorite subject in school? “My favorite subject in school was English for sure, because I love to read.”

Since she is big on reading the next question was about her favorite book.  “My favorite book I’ve read would have to be the book I’m reading right now with my sixth graders. It’s called ‘A Long Walk to Water.'” She enjoys the meaning behind the story.

Then when asked “Have you been binge watching any shows lately, and if so what show?” she answered with “Not really, I’m usually just watching whatever my son puts on the TV. There is a show I’ve gotten into recently called, ‘Chicago P.D.'”

When asked about her favorite candy, Mrs. Brundage had no hesitation to answer, “Almond M&M’s for sure! Sweet and salty all in one, it’s a perfect mix. I do love almonds, and chocolate so to have them together it’s just the best kind of candy for me.”

Mrs. Brundage is also one to travel, so the next question fits her perfectly. What is her dream vacation? She answered, “Hawaii! I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii for the longest time. I love the ocean, so Hawaii would be the best choice.”

 Mrs. Brundage loves quotes and puts a quote on her board every day for her students to read. This question was a bit harder for her to choose, because she loves so many quotes. But when asked about her favorite quote, Mrs. Brundage answered with, “This is a tough one. It would have to be, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ ”

Mrs. Brundage is very family-oriented; she has two sons, and a daughter. When asked for a fun fact about her family, she answered with, “All my children are exactly seven years apart, isn’t that crazy?”

The last question was about what advice she would give to readers. Mrs. Brundage answered with, “Perseverance pays off no matter what you’re doing.”