“Teen Beach Movie” washed up on the shore of my heart

Teen Beach Movie washed up on the shore of my heart

Ruthie Light, Reporter

After re-watching one of my favorite Disney Channel Original movies of all time, “Teen Beach Movie” (2013), I’ve decided to share my opinions on it. This film is the perfect mix of whimsical and heartwarming with its fun plot and meaningful theme. The story of this movie is written by Vince Marcello and directed by Jeffery Hornady, Marcello tells the story of two teenagers that get themselves in a very… unusual situation after a crazy attempt to save one-another in a surfboarding accident.

The movie begins with two teenagers, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mac (Maia Mitchell), that (considering they live on the beach) absolutely love to surf! Mac’s grandfather and Brady have a mutual love for the movie, “Wet Side Story.” However, Mac has never been very fond of the movie herself. One day, at Mac’s house, it is revealed by her aunt that she will be moving away to a boarding school to fulfill her mothers wish of her daughter being successful. Mac decides to spend her very emotional last day home surfing. Usually surfing would be very pleasant where she lives, however, this specific day there is anticipated to be a crazy storm that will make the ocean tides very dangerous to be out on. This does not stop Mac, though. She decides to surf anyways and gets caught right in the midst of the storm. Brady, in his attempts to save her, gets on a jet ski and searches for her. This causes both him and Mac to be caught in the storm, and wiped out in the ocean. Brady and Mac wake up to find themselves near the shore of a very familiar place. As they start to near land, Brady realizes that they have, somehow, ended up inside of his favorite movie. Will they decide to exert themselves and disrupt the movie? Will Mac get home in time to leave for school? Watch the movie to find out!

There is a lot to love about this movie. Ranging from the incredible plot to the soundtrack, which is very hard to not be impressed by. The theme that this film pursues encourages individuals to do whatever makes them happy, even if it does not fit into society’s set standards. The actors: Ross Lynch (Brady), Mac (Maia Mitchell), Grace Phillips (Lela), Garrett Clayton (Tanner), and others also did a phenomenal job bringing the characters alive. I love the way they all express the fun and happiness that summer brings and how great it can be to create new relationships. Maia Mitchell does a fabulous job presenting her character and showing how easy it can be to have a more positive mindset in life, rather than a negative one. Every song in this movie is fun-loving, which makes it hard not to fall in love with. 

Overall, “Teen Beach Movie” is a very well-done movie! I recommend this movie to people that crave the nostalgia of a good ol’ Disney Channel Original! I would not recommend this movie to people who are interested in more mature films, or do not particularly like family-friendly movies. I really love this movie, and I hope you will too!