Broncos trade for star QB Russell Wilson

The Denver Broncos stun the world by trading for 9x pro bowler and Superbowl champ Russell Wilson.


Jonathan Albers, Editor

The Broncos have been in the quarterback market for a couple of years now, and it seems like they may have finally found their guy. After Broncos fans were crushed by the news of Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers, they were quickly lifted up after the trade for Wilson was announced. This was one of the biggest trades in NFL history, the haul that Seattle got for Wilson was impressive to say the least. Let’s discuss the details:

The Broncos sent Drew Lock, Noah Fant, Shelby Harris, two first round picks, two second round picks, and a fifth round pick. Seattle sent Russell Wilson, and a fourth round pick to Denver. The haul that Denver had to give up was a big one, but Wilson is well worth the high price. Sending Drew Lock to Seattle doesn’t hurt Denver at all, but Shelby Harris and Noah Fant are hard losses for the team. Zach Ertz, Rob Gronkowski, and C.J. Uzomah are some of the veteran tight ends that Denver could consider signing. Replacing Shelby Harris may be a little more expensive. Jason Pierre-Paul, Calias Campbell, and Dante Fowler, Jr. are some of the top choices at defensive end.

While Denver is obviously looking to win after making this blockbuster trade, Seattle has taken the other route. After trading Wilson, the Seahawks decided to release 8x pro bowler and 6x all pro linebacker Bobby Wagner. Seattle is set up with an abundance of draft picks, and a lot of cap space saved for the next couple of years.

Overall, both teams benefit tremendously from this trade. Denver commits to the “Win now” mentality after trading for the superstar quarterback. On the other side, Seattle commits to a rebuild with all of their draft picks.