The Beach Boys and The Beatles


Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

During the year COVID started and school shut down, I found myself listening to different genres of music. I made many different playlists of music to listen to. One I specifically made was an “oldies” playlist, to which I added songs by The Beach Boys and The Beatles, as I knew they were very popular bands primarily in the 60s. I now find myself listening to The Beach Boys and The Beatles all of the time because it is something about the simple yet fascinating songs they produced. Below I will review one album from each of the two bands.

The first album I will review is the “Pet Sounds” album by The Beach Boys because this is the album I find myself singing to the most. However, I do love other songs from their many albums. “Pet Sounds” is a fun album that can easily get people tapping their foot and humming along. Sure, the album name may be slightly odd, but I think the unique name adds to the special way The Beach Boys thought. I love how The Beach Boys incorporate their voices into the beat and sing the different pitches to go along with the overall tune. My favorite songs of this album are, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Sloop John B.,” “Here Today,” and “God Only Knows.” These songs have absolutely captured my heart and attention in so many ways because of the simpleness yet passion they show in each of the songs. The Beach Boys truly had a gift in their songwriting and still to this day are able to capture people’s attention with their music. Overall, I would rate this album a 4.5/5 stars because most of the songs are amazing, but there are one or two songs I am not entirely in love with. However, their artistry is truly amazing and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to some oldies.

A separate album I will review from The Beatles is “A Hard Day’s Night” because I am very fond of this album. I like the upbeat yet classic tune this album has, and I really enjoy the songs in general of this album. There are so many amazing songs and albums by The Beatles that choosing solely to review this album was hard, but this was of course the album I knew the most songs from and the most that I counted into making my top favorites. A few of my favorites from this album are “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Should Have Known Better,” “If I Fell,” and “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You.” The background vocalists are amazing on this album especially, like in “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You.” The background singers really help to enhance these songs and give it more volume, which I think helps to entrance me even more. There really aren’t any negatives to this album; the songs in this have really captured my attention. In the end, I would rate this album a solid 5/5, because I love the songs in this album and I love the cover name of this album, which is especially intriguing.

Listening to The Beach Boys and The Beatles really helps relieve any stress I may have had earlier in a given day, and I find myself loving more and more of their songs. The unique lyrics and tunes really help differ the 60s and early 70s from the present time, which I love. I think I especially love these two bands because their songs are clean and give out fun, or interesting messages. Take “Come Together” by The Beatles for instance: the lyrics in this song (which happens to be one of my favorites of their’s overall) are just fun and are easy to get your foot tapping to. One thing I find specifically important and love about these bands is that I can’t just easily pick my favorite song from each group since they are all so entrancing. Overall, these two albums and artists continue to change the music world almost 60 years after being produced, which to me, is amazing. Anyone considering listening to “oldies” should most certainly take a look at these two bands, as I am sure they will capture your attention like they did mine.