A New Beginning, a fictional story


Emma Reyda, Reporter

Years have passed. I don’t know how old Mia and I are. Rover, who we had since he was a puppy, is now old and grey. Grass is starting to grow again and the radiation levels have decreased. Mia and I try to leave the bunker and take Rover on a walk at least once a week. We have received letters and gifts from some sort of sanctuary. They want us to join them, they said they need more young people to repopulate the Earth. I’m a bit skeptical whereas Mia is ready to leave. We have barely enough food to last another few months so we have no choice but to leave for the sanctuary. We plan on leaving in a few weeks or so, only because the sanctuary is about a three-day walk from our bunker.


We are a day into our journey to find the sanctuary; Rover is tired and Mia is barely trudging along. Luckily, the air is clean enough to breathe it without a mask for at least every other hour without it making us super sick. I’m starting to get home sick, at least I miss what I’ve called home these past few years. I will update you when we are close to the sanctuary.


We have just arrived and this place has about forty different families. It’s a bit overwhelming considering we haven’t seen other people in so long. It’s almost comforting knowing that all of us have survived. This place is huge. It has a schooling system, every family has their own “home,” and even a playground and dog park. Mia is happy to see other girls and have someone else to talk to. Even Rover seems to enjoy playing with the other dogs and little kids that live here. I’m happy my family is safe.