The radiant Mrs. Rutkowski

The radiant Mrs. Rutkowski

Willow Bowen, Reporter

This year we’ve welcomed a new staff member: Victoria Rutkowski, who works in the cooking room in the CTC wing. Victoria was born on March 23 and grew up on a farm in Waterford, PA, with her two siblings J.R. and Ali. She attended Fort LeBoeuf High School and Edinboro University in her college years. 

Some hobbies and interests that Rutkowski has are kayaking, bowling, cricuting, hunting, fishing, playing with Rudd Roo (her son), and her dogs Chloe, Mabel, and Kimber. She even does some sports like softball, golf, and bowling. Topics that interest Rutkowski are she loves to teach history, child development, and foods around the world. Rutkowski pursued the job of teaching to inspire kids to love learning. 

A favorite movie that she has is the “Fast & Furious” franchise and “Hachi: A Dog’s Story.” The music genre that she enjoys the most is country, and her favorite color would either be yellow or gray. Her favorite foods to eat would be steak, tacos, or mac n cheese. Her favorite quotation would be, “I want people to love me and fear me, but most importantly, I want people to fear how much they love me,” and “Must love dogs.” 

Rutkowski’s plans for upcoming vacation days would be to relax with Ryan (her husband), Russel (her son), and her three dogs Chloe, Mabel, and Kimber. If she were to go on a dream vacation she would choose to go to the mountains with her family and dogs, or she would swim with pigs in the Bahamas. If she were to travel anywhere she would go to Benezette because she would love to travel out west. The perfect date for Rutkowski would be cheese and chocolate taste testing. 

After her teaching years Rutkowski would love to be a stay-at-home dog mom for retirement. Some of her biggest pet peeves are messy or disrespectful people. Lastly, a piece of advice that Rutkowski would give to her readers would be “Every day is a new adventure.”