Is that really a moose?


Asher Britton, Reporter

Is that a Moose I see over there? No, that’s my brother’s cat, Moose!

Moose is the biggest cat of five, he is also the only boy. He loves to play at night you can hear him trying to play with the other four. He doesn’t understand he is stronger than the rest. Sometimes he is a mommy’s boy, but most of the time he’s off on his own, either hiding or off trying to play with the others.

Moose doesn’t really love my brother but he’s not scared of him either. He is one of the most loving cats you could ever meet. Sometimes he can be a bit much, though, but we get through it. He really loved my grandmother. When we would put him up with her she would pet him under his chin with her nails. He loved that the most of all.

His favorite food is chicken or pop tarts. My brother could be eating pop tarts and Moose will go and look at my brother when he’s eating it. He’s a big fan of KFC though. We could go out and get KFC come home and he will run to the door if he smells it. He could want my brothers pop tart and he will get it 50% of the time.