Easygoing Einhouse


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Mr. Einhouse is our new gym teacher that just started a few weeks ago. He was born on January 27, 1990, and grew up in Forestville, New York. He went to Forestville High School and attended Edinboro for his college education. Some of his hobbies include sports, college football, and hunting and fishing. He has two siblings: a 30-year-old brother and a 29-year-old sister. 

Mr. Einhouse had always been a fan of college football and pursued coaching when he got an opportunity. He chose the job he is in now because he loves sports and working with kids. A place where he would like to go is out West for a hunting trip to spend time outdoors and take in the beautiful scenery. His favorite movie is “Remember the Titans,” and his favorite color is red. Plans for upcoming vacation days include spending time planning his wedding in the summer.

An animal that best matches his personality would be a yellow lab. His idea of a perfect date is going to Riverside because it was the first date he and his fiancee went on. Some of his favorite subjects in school were obviously physical education and history. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese and his favorite sport is football, with his close second being basketball. His pet peeve is people who don’t show effort or who don’t try whatsoever. Advice he would give to anyone reading is to be involved, “You’re only in high school for so long until it’s all over, so enjoy it while it lasts.”