Putin takes on Ukraine


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Recently, everyone has heard of the attack that Russian President Vladimir Putin put into place against Ukraine. Yet, not many people know how the whole situation started. On Monday, February 21, Putin put on a “show” which soon followed with the attack on Thursday, February 24.

The attack started with explosions before dawn and were launched directly into the capital Kyiv and then several other cities.¬† It was quickly revealed that Russia’s goal was to destroy the state of Ukraine. As of right now, there has been at least 57 people killed. They have been targeting the country starting from the east following to the north then the south. It has been reported that that President Putin sent out a warning to other countries that if they make any attempt for any interference it would lead to “consequences never seen in history”.

Ukraine’s leaders have now deployed more than 36,000 guardsmen as they prepare for full invasion over their land. Ukraine’s National¬† Guard and their border services are now finding an additional 100,000 reserve members to train the newest addition to the military, whom will only serve part time, yfet will help Ukraine in this state of crisis that has quickly taken place in their country.