Favorite 2022 Super Bowl halftime show performers


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

When it come to the infamous NFL Superbowl halftime shows, it’s a bit controversial to see if the performance matches everyone’s liking, and this year’s show seemed to strike many people’s eyes and make it an unforgettable show for many. Since many tended to like this halftime the most, it got the most hype. I decided to ask students and staff members who their favorite halftime show performer was.

This halftime show was kind of a throwback to many since it was old rap and pop icons from the nineties. The performing list consisted of legendary 50-year-old American rapper Snoop Dogg, 56- year-old American rapper Dr. Dre; then there was big-time rapper Eminem performing at 49 years old, 46-year-old American rapper 50 cent, young rapper Kendrick Lamar also made an appearance alongside the legends, and as an ending act Mary J. Blinge made an appearance along with her stunning voice. I recorded some of the results I gathered from the survey question, “Who was your favorite 2022 halftime show performer?”

When it came to the performance of Snoop Dogg 53% of the people I asked enjoyed his performance the best; for Eminem 30% of the people I asked liked his performance; for 50 Cent, only 7% of the people I asked liked him, and it was a tie between Dr. Dre and Mary J. Blige with it being 3%. The only performer who was not said was Kendrick Lamar. It could be because he wasn’t really a part of the original nineties rapper icons.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to answer my survey question. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s replies and I was very curious about who would get chosen as “the best performer” at the Super Bowl this year. I have to admit I was a little shocked, but I’m glad I got to ask and tally up people’s replies.