Lilli the little rascal


Asher Britton, Reporter

Who is that little cat over there? That’s Lilli she’s the youngest of five, she’s will be one in March. She loves to play and jump around, It could be later at night and she will want to play. At night you can hear her running up and down the hallway. She may not be the smartest cat, but you can’t trick her.

Lilli has one brother and three sisters. She loves all of her siblings even though they don’t like her. She will be trying to play around with the cats and sometimes they just stand there and look at her or walk away. The other cats even try to beat her up for trying to play with them. Lilli is a very loving cat; she loved my grandmother the most even though she was meant for my mom. She loves to try everything you eat: butter, pancakes, french toast, chicken noodle soup, and more. One time my grandmother was eating chicken noodle soup and Lilli spilled it everywhere trying to eat it. One of her favorite foods is tuna fish mixed with her dry food.

You may think Lilli is just a normal old cat, but I think she is the most loving cat I will ever see. If she was a real human she would be the nicest person you would ever see. Sometimes she can be a bit annoying when she gets on top of you, but after a bit you realize she just wants loving. She shares enough love for everyone even though she doesn’t like every person she meets. She will be one of the greatest cats I will every have and no one can replace how special she is.