Top ten Padme Amidala outfits


Star Wars fans have conflicting feelings about the prequels, but most people love the character of Padme Amidala. Amidala is many things: a queen, a senator, a mother. But one thing she definitely is is a fashion icon! Here are my picks for Padme Amidala’s top ten outfits from the Star Wars prequels.

10. Starfighter uniform

Padme wore this disguise in “Episode II: Attack of the Clones,” while her handmaiden Corde posed as her. This outfit, although simple, features practical fighting gear, a detailed belt, and an elaborate hairstyle. It is one of the best “casual” outfits that she wears throughout the series, because of its functionality.

9. Red senate gown

Amidala wore this ornate gown to the Galactic Senate in “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” The red and gold ensemble was inspired by 19th century Mongolian royalty. This influence is evident in the horn-like headpiece and detailed gold ornaments Amidala wears. It is one of Padme’s most striking and experimental looks of the series.

8. Silk nightgown

Amidala wears this beautiful periwinkle nightgown in “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” while she is speaking to Anakin about parenthood. Anakin says the line, “You are so beautiful,” and I have to agree! The silky dress is a beautiful color, accented with pearl straps and a metal chest piece. It is one of her more understated looks, but it is incredibly elegant nonetheless.

7. Tatooine visit

When Padme goes to visit Anakin’s mother on Tatooine in Episode II, she wears a light blue wrap set with a silvery cloak. The outfit is simple, with a cropped top and a thin maxi skirt. This outfit is one of my favorites because it is both practical and stylish. The thin, loose fabrics mirror clothing worn in real life desert climates, without sacrificing any style. Padme looks cool and comfortable, perfect for desert weather.

6. Geonosis arena

This outfit is very divisive for me. When Padme enters the arena in Episode II, she is wearing a white bodysuit with a knit cape, gun holster, and metal bracers. All in all, her attire is very fitting for battle. However, during the fight, her costume is ripped to reveal her arm and torso. The scene feels rather gratuitous, considering both Anakin and Obi Wan remain fully clothed by the battle’s end. However, this outfit is rather iconic, and the pre-battle version is both functional and stylish, so I felt it deserved a spot on the list!

5. Jubilation dress

At the end of Episode I, Padme wears a gown to the celebration of Naboo’s liberation. The gown is unlike her previous darker, more regal attire. It is very feminine, consisting of pale pink taffeta, white silk, and a parasol head piece. This dress is very significant because it shows a shift in Amidala’s mindset after the grueling events of the film.

4. Meadow dress

Padme wears this dress in a romantic scene with Anakin in Episode II. The yellow dress features gauzy fabric, intricate floral patterns, and ribbon accents. She also wears a headpiece reminiscent of Leia’s iconic hairstyle. Padme blends in with both the meadow setting and the romantic tone with this flowy dress.

3. Lakeside gown

During Anakin’s infamous love confession is Episode II, Padme wears an ombre drape dress. The dress starts in a pale yellow, and fades into soft pinks and purples. The soft, flowy draps are complimented with a metallic collar and armbands. This dress is a fan favorite because of its romantic sunset-inspired pallet.

2. Funeral gown

Padme’s funeral scene in Episode III is one of the most heartbreaking parts of the movie. As citizens mourn the beloved queen and senator, she wears a shimmery deep blue gown and cape. Her hair is splayed out, full of flowers and other garnishes, and in her hands she holds Anakin’s necklace. Her gown is inspired by the rivers of Naboo, and is a regal last look for the former queen.

1. Throne room dress

This is, in my opinion, Amidala’s most iconic outfit. She wears it in her very first appearance in Episode I. The gown is a deep red with gold accents and lantern-like lights. She wears an otherworldly golden headdress with an elaborate hairpiece, along with traditional Naboo makeup. This first appearance sets the tone for Padme’s character; she is strong, regal, and elegant. It is easy to see why Padme’s debut costume made so many waves!