Celebrating Black History Month


Willow Bowen, Reporter

February is a month where we celebrate black history. Black History Month is all throughout the month of February and it’s to celebrate what African Americans have done for America  and the accomplishments they’ve made. America would not be where it is today as a country if it wasn’t for black Americans and the contributions they have made. 

Recognizing all of the things that prominent black Americans have done is important. Considering they have made many things that help us today in modern society should be noted. On the list below you will notice some of the everyday items that you might not even realize were created by black inventors. 

  • Potato chip by George Crum 
  • Mailbox by Philip B. Downing 
  • Traffic Signal by Garrett Augustus Morgan 
  • Beauty and Hair care products by Madam C.J. Walker
  • Masking and Clear Adhesive tape by Richard G. Drew

How do you educate yourself during Black History Month? Well some ways you can learn more about Black History Month is getting to know more about its origin. It’s been going on for 52 years, becoming official during January 2, 1970 – February 28, 1970. Before becoming official by the government, the creator, historian Carter G. Woodson started the movement in 1926. The entire idea of it was to show the importance and recognition that needed to be given to black Americans. 

Woodson thought teaching about Black History Month was integral to have to broaden our society. During this time schools around America should be discussing this topic. Educating their students on where Black History Month originated from and why we celebrate it. African American history should be essential to be taught in schools so we have a more educated and accepting society. 

Ways that you can show your support for Black History Month would be buying from a black owned small business, doing research on the contributions that black figures have made, and donating to charities that support anti- racism and equality. From doing these things you’re allowing light to shine on some of these business owners, teachers, or authors who have worked hard to  positively educate and impact others. 

To learn more about Black History Month all you have to do is a quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of educational articles with interesting facts and information. If you’re interested in hearing more about this topic, some black influencers talking about it on social media are Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, Glo Atanmo, Kehinde Wiley, Blair Imani, Ibram X. Kendi, and Amanda Gorman. Remember to stay educated and celebrate America’s impactful African Americans.