The Doom Door

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

I never knew a door could hold so many wonders yet so many dangers. That one thing could be so magical yet so otherworldy. The Doom Door, as I call it, was a place of so many mystical things, you doubted your own sanity. It all started on Friday, October 13.

Although I had been through our basement countless times, it never occured to me that we had a thick, wooden door three feet in height set in the far wall. The moment I set eyes on it, I felt chills roll down my spine. But my curiosity edged me further along, and further, and further, until suddenly, I found myself gripping the ice cold handle. I now had sweat trickling down my neck, and my feet were frozen in place. I felt a cool breeze slip under the intimidating door and tickle my bare toes. With that sudden flash of cold, I snapped out of my trance, dropping my hand from the handle quicker than lightning. I turned, and headed for the staircase. Out of nowhere, I heard a soft, eerie whisper float from the door up to my ears. I attempted to not turn back, but my mind was overtaken by the mysterious voice floating from the uncharted door. Before I could stop myself, I had my hand on the door handle yet again, but this time I started to open it. The door creaked on its hinges, squeeling in protest. It was like the souls who found themselves doing the same thing I was but had a terrible feat were screaming at me to shut the door and never turn back. After the door was fully opened, I stepped into the dark corridor. Before I could utter a scream or run back through the menacing door, it slammed closed behind me. I took a step forward, and fell into darkness.

As I fell, tumbling head over heels in the open abyss, my screams were absorbed faster into the space than they came out. My heart was pounding, my body was ice cold, and tears streaked down my face. I fell, and fell, and fell. Soft, strange music chords were being strung together in the background. I didn’t know where they were coming form. Next, starnge figures appeared in front of me, behind me, and all around me. My mind played so many tricks on me, I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. The choas made me want to crawl out of my own skin. It was so dark, and I was so confused. It all felt like a dream, why couldn’t I wake up? As time went on I realized how much I was going to pay for the mistake I had made. I would continue to fall, forever and ever… Maybe one of these days I’ll fall into another who had the same unfortune as me.