Survey: Valentine’s Day plans

Survey: Valentines Day plans

Cameron Brown, Reporter

Valentine’s day is a “love” holiday, so many people will be out with their loved ones going on dates. We went around the Corry Middle-High School and asked 25 students: What are you doing on Valentine’s day? Here are the responses we received:

Kellyanne Bromley: Sit at home and eat

Kayla Kurelowech: Spending time with my mom

Jordan Hicks: Cry in my bedroom because I’m alone

Mr. Passenger: Make dinner and have presents for my wife and girls 

Andrew Harney: Sleeping 

Jordan Loney: Working 

JadeaLisa Sheehan: Sleeping 

Mrs. Graves: Going out to dinner with family 

Mrs. Adamski: Go to dinner at Timber Creek in Meadville

Ellie Fieseler: Staying at home 

Winter Cochrane: Hanging out with family

Tyler Bird: Work, go to school and then basketball practice

Allyson Henry: Sleeping  

Mrs. Reynolds: Snowmobiling, then going to eat on the trail

Marcie Dick: Going to school 

Dominic Brink: Asking my girlfriend to dinner

Rose Becerra: Going to watch J Lo’s new movie (“Marry Me”) in theater

Trent Williams: Hangout with my mom and have fun outside

Kalinda Gilger- Going to my boyfriends and watch Netflix and eat snacks

Katelin Price: Nothing

Justin Fay: Hanging out with my girlfriend

Makayla Landers: Coming to school

Parker Lewis: Nothing

Katlynn Heidler: Nothing 

Sarah Snyder: Nothing