Avery Sontheimer: a Corry student making a difference


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Avery Sontheimer is a ninth-grade student who supports animal shelters. She loves animals and supporting them as much as she can, and she does just that. She explains that she wanted to start supporting animal shelters because she saw the help they needed with all new animals coming in all the time and saw so many animals who needed to be given a second chance at life.

Sontheimer states, “I have been supporting animal shelters for around eight years and volunteered, and job-shadowed, at the ANNA shelter and the ANNA clinic.” Her way of supporting the shelters is having a Mobile Pet Food Pantry and collecting donations such as food and supplies for the shelter animals. She also organizes various fundraisers and is currently doing a winter blanket challenge. Shelters scattered all over the United States receive $5 Walmart gift cards from Avery. 

Anyone can support Avery’s mission by checking out her Facebook page, “Avery’s Pawsitive Change.” She also has a Gofundme page and numerous donation jars in various locations in Corry.