Top ten “Farming Simulator” activities


Trevor Raupach, Reporter

  1. Mowing grass to feed my animals.
  2. Wood chipping. I grind logs into wood chips to sell to the sawmill or put in a heating plant.
  3. Logging. In this game you can cut down trees and sell the logs to the sawmill or grind them into wood chips.
  4.  Cows. My cows are what I used to get fertilizer for my field work and I enjoyed giving them mowed grass and straw to eat.
  5. Greenhouses. A greenhouse can grow either lettuce or tomatoes that automatically sell and make you money
  6. Trains. A train in this game is used for selling logs to the sawmill or crops to places a normal trailer can’t dump into.
  7. Pressure washer. Vehicles and other equipment get dirty in this game and a pressure washer is used to clean it off.
  8. Sheep. Sheep are similar to cows except they don’t eat straw. they produce wool you can sell to the Spinnery
  9. Fertilizing. I fertilized my fields and I planted to get better crops and for a little more to do
  10. Harvesting. After the fields were ready, I used my combine to harvest it all and used my semi to empty the combine guy when he was full.