Top 10 Halloween costumes

Top 10 Halloween costumes

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner, kids have to start thinking about what they want to be! I chose to pick the top 10 Halloween costumes I find the cutest. Halloween is the time of year where kids get to dress up as what they want and go get candy from strangers. Also, it’s just really cute to see kids and all their neat ideas for costumes. Enjoy!

10.  Joe Exotic – I think this would look good on younger kids, but this year it might be way too much.

9.  Food – Any kid dressing up as food has my heart. It’s so cute and there are so many different foods it’s almost       impossible for someone to have the same costume.

8. Starbucks drinks- Its unique because there are so many different drinks at Starbucks to use.

7. Pumpkin – You can never go wrong with a pumpkin, its fun matching.

6. M&M’s – It’s a good costume idea to do if you are going with your friends, but getting too old for baby costumes.

5. Crabs – The little kids trying to walk around in big costumes like this, haha!

4. Spongebob – He is my favorite cartoon character so obviously he has to be on this list.

3. Pigs – When little kids dress up as pigs they just make it look so adorable.

2. Monsters Inc. Characters – Mike, Sully, and the little girl are just too cute not to be on this list.

  1. Cows – I picked this because who doesn’t like baby calves?