“Sabrina” is visual poetry


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

“Sabrina.” A film that feels like visual poetry. The classic 90s film that everyone fell in love with. The film pulls you in and causes you to fall in love with the visual picture. The most poetic romance films were created in the 1900’s because love back then was pure, and honest. The directors and producers of “Sabrina” knew that. They understood love, and what is was really about. “Sabrina,” the 1995 version was a  remake of the original “Sabrina that was made was made in 1954  starring actress Audrey Hepburn. This film was made in color with more updated actors and theme.

The 1995 film “Sabrina” directed by Sydney Pollack has many famous actors and actresses that were major stars back in the 90s such as: Julia Ormond (Sabrina Fairchild), Harrison Ford (Linus Larrabee), Greg Kinnear (David Larrabee), and Nancy Marchand (Maude Larrabee). The movie is based on a girl named Sabrina Fairchild (Julia Ormond) who is a chauffeur’s daughter who grew up with a wealthy family called the Larrabees. Sabrina had deep feelings for the youngest Larrabee son David (Greg Kinnear). Taking a trip to Paris, Sabrina finds herself through photography, and changes her life along with her looks.  Once she returns from Paris looking the most beautiful, she catches the eye of David Larrabee, her long childhood crush. Linus (Harrison Ford) believes that their courtship is a bad idea, and decides to intervene so that the two have no chance, but as he tries to break them apart Linus begins to catch feelings for the girl.

This film took love and romance to another level. It wasn’t like every other love story. It had purpose and other points such as hard work and determination. Many people connected to this film, and it opened up many people’s eyes to the world of romance. This movie doesn’t just give an outlook on love and choices, it also brings laughter. It’s a lighthearted film that brings that sense of happiness into peoples lives when they watch it. I loved this film because it brought many different characteristics to the table such as laughter, warmth, and suspense. This movie has many twists and keeps the viewers watching. Though there are two “Sabrina” films I prefer the 1995 version because it gives more details and the production is better.