“DCeased” is Delightful!


Emma Minnick, Editor

I recently read DC comic’s “DCeased,” and I really loved it! The story is about a zombie-like virus originating from the planet Apokolips that spreads through typical biting, as well as digitally. When Darkseid abducts Cyborg, the anti-life equation he performs on him goes wrong. When Cyborg returns to Earth, the virus quickly spreads, and it is up to the Justice League and company to solve the problem.

Let’s start with one of the most important components of a graphic novel: the art. Trevor Hairsine delivers a classic yet impactful art style, with stunning splash pages thrown in that enrich the action of the story. The character designs mostly stick to classic designs, which works well to let the reader focus on the storyline.  At the end, Yasmine Putri contributes a set of horror-inspired variant covers. The covers are stunning, paying homage to films like “It,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and “The Conjuring”.

Also, the characters are very well-written in this story. A real standout for me was when Dinah Lance came into possession of the Green Lantern ring. Taylor handled her characterization very well, and it was interesting to see the ring’s power along with Dinah’s sonic scream. Also, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne really come into their own in this series. The story explores the boys’ struggles with taking up the Superman and Batman mantles. They feel like their own fleshed-out characters rather than replacements. Finally, Big Barda and Mr. Miracle make an awesome couple here. Together they share character development, funny one-liners, and tragic sacrifices. These two characters are not as well known as Batman or Wonder Woman, but they shine both individually and as a duo in this story.

All in all, “DCeased” is a story that any DC fan is sure to enjoy. It inserts beloved DC characters within a new narrative. The story puts a spin on the classic “zombie apocalypse” trope, adding an element of technology to it. I would give DCeased 4/5 stars. I would recommend it to any comic book or horror fan.