Abby is Missing


Ava Gjertsen, Editor

Abby is missing. The mystery began in the fall (October 22 to be precise), when she didn’t return home from basketball practice. It turned our small town into a panic; parents wouldn’t let their children out past 5:00 p.m., rumors of a kidnapper spread through the community like wildfire, and citizens began suspecting each other. The place was in shambles. And her parents – Abby’s sweet, sweet parents who I had grown close with throughout the years – were absolutely devastated.  She was my best friend, after all. I went and visited them nearly every day since her disappearance, sometimes bringing them gifts such as flowers or trinkets. They were grateful, and always told me how glad they were Abby had a friend like me.

Abby is missing. The police didn’t have many people of interest. They considered her uncle, a convict who had been in and out of prison frequently, and had gained a record for being a creep towards younger girls. It made sense to me. When I was over at her house for holidays, he’d be there too, and I can confirm he was an unsettling guy. Or perhaps it was that widowed neighbor who would always attempt to make conversation with her, his grief and loneliness having consumed him.  It didn’t take long, however, for detectives to search her laptop and find a man she had been chatting with online. His name was Jacob, and he was older, nineteen years to be exact. They had some flirtatious exchanges and planned on meeting up in person soon. Abby had given him her address. It was incriminating, and they’re tracking him down as I tell you this.

Abby is missing. I threw the wrapped up body into the lake from a cliff. I watched it be submerged into the cold water. A shame, really. My best friend, my dear girl. I had asked her to stop talking to other guys, and it infuriated me when she confided in me about this Jacob guy she met online. They were going to meet soon, she had told me with such sickening glee. She betrayed me, and he had tried to steal Abby away from me – now he would take the fall. Abby is missing, and no one would ever suspect me.