Cheeky Charlie/Rambunctious Ralphy


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Charlie, otherwise known as Ralphy, is a one-year-old grey tabby who loves racing around the house, watching the bubbles at the back of the water fountain, and stealing his sister’s food. He was found behind a shop by a pigpen when he was only two months old and rescued to live in a warm home. He immediately got closer to his family, including the other pets in the household, and started exploring the different nooks and crannies he could get into, including the couch. He was given two names by his owners and answers to both if he’s called by them. Charlie was named after Charles Hayes and Ralphy…there’s no specific reason: it’s just funny. 

He occasionally likes to go outside, but doesn’t go too far from the house because of the loud neighbors and vehicles. He doesn’t like being held by many people, but will settle into someone’s arms and cuddle into them. During the day, he likes to lay around and sleep on someone’s lap with a cozy blanket around him. However, in the morning and occasionally in the evening, he becomes a reincarnation of the Tasmanian Devil from “Looney Toons.” He is definitely the troublemaker of the house, pushing items off a table, irritating the cat and the dog, and constantly looking for attention.

Ever since he was rescued, he always climbed up someone’s pants and made his way to lay on someone’s shoulder, and even though he is much bigger, he still tries getting up onto his family’s shoulders. If he doesn’t get the attention he wants, then he becomes very talkative and scratches at your pant leg. Although if you’re in a different vicinity than him, he’ll get up on the table or try to get up into the Christmas tree. He is very chatty when he wants food, wants in the bathroom, or when he wants to play, often becoming very annoying and irritating to be around. Despite all of his imperfections, he is loved so much and is very happy in his home.