An anecdote of Aubrey


Jenna Martin, Reporter

Most people know of Aubrey Chase, but do you really know who she is? Well, Aubrey is a fifteen-year-old girl who has grown up in Corry, PA. Aubrey’s full name is Aubrey Elizabeth Chase. Her birthday is November 25, 2006, and she currently attends Corry Area High School. In her free time she enjoys volleyball, basketball, listening to music, shopping, and getting her hair done. Aubrey has three siblings: Bella, Holden, and Ryder, which are the ages of fifteen, five, and four.

Aubrey’s favorite class currently is history because, “it is easy and doesn’t frustrate me and I do not have to read.”

Aubrey has found joy in both basketball and volleyball over the years. In the future she is looking into being a politician because, “the people that run the country don’t know what they are doing, and need someone who knows how to run a country and who supports America.”

If Aubrey could travel anywhere in the world, she would pick Venice, Italy, because it is pretty, and she would hope to find her true love there.  Aubrey’s favorite movie is “Step Brothers” because she has a, “spiritual connection with Will Ferrell.” Her favorite songs are: “Vienna” by Billie Joel and “Emotionless” by Drake. Her favorite color is hot pink and her favorite emotion is happiness or excitement. Aubrey’s plans for upcoming vacation days are to go to the beach, get tan, and swim in the “salty ocean.”

Everyone has dream scenarios, and some of Aubrey’s are: a vacation to Blue Lagoon with her best friend  “Big Al.” Her dream date would be, “him picking me up with flowers, opening the door for me and taking me to Texas Roadhouse, then Starbucks, which is a must. ”

One animal that reminds her of herself would be a pig (specifically a pink pig) or a peacock.  Her favorite food is chicken alfredo and her favorite quote is, “It is what it is.” Although she doesn’t actually like that quote, but it is what it is.

The best piece of advice that Aubrey would like to give the person reading this would be, “Be yourself and if people don’t like you, oh well.”