Top ten candy bars to get while trick-or-treating

Top ten candy bars to get while trick-or-treating

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Trick-or-treating is one of the few times a year I let myself pig out on chocolate. So when I get handed a candy bar, I’m expecting it to be a good one! Off-branded, 6 month old, smashed candy is a definite deterent for me when looking through my trick-or-treat bag. Below I have listed the worst to best candy bars to get when wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth.

10. Baby Ruth chocolate bars- There’s not really a specific reason why I don’t like this one, it just never hits the spot.

9. Butterfinger- The way the carmelized stickiness clamps to your teeth like super glue is what makes this one of my least favorite candy bars. I don’t like to have to work extremely hard to open and close my mouth when eating chocolate.

8. Almond Joy- For me to eat one of these I would have to be really hankering chocolate, as I’m not one to voluntarily eat coconut. It has to be just perfectly mixed in if I’m going to be eating it.

7. Twix- Normally Twix are pretty good, but sometimes they can be a bit much with not only the messiness of it, but the amount of caramel that is used in them. However, I do enjoy them quite a bit.

6. Three Musketeers- In the Three Musketeers, what really makes me want to eat these is the softly whipped marshmallow inside. I love chocolate and marshmallow together!

5. Milky Way- Milky Way’s are a very nice treat because of the chocolate and caramel in them. The malt nougat, however, adds to the quality of this tasty treat.

4. Hershey’s- Whenever I eat a Hershey’s I truly enjoy it because they are made with the right ratio of sweetness and creaminess. Hershey’s has just enough of the sweetness mixed in with the dark coco flavor to make sure you only eat small portions at a time.

3.  Resee’s Fast Break-  A Resee’s Fast Break is like a sliver of heaven in your mouth. You have the salty pretzel pieces, perfectly proportioned into a caramel layer, accompanied by peanuts, peanut butter, and a silky chocolate.

2. Kit Kat- Kit Kat’s are created to have the perfect snap and ease of chewing! These candy bars provide a quick, small way to satisfy that sweet-tooth, without letting you do too much damage.

1. Snickers- Snickers have always been my favorite because of the gooey caramel on the inside, mixed with a slight crunch from the peanut, which is also mixed in with the perfect sized nougat, and wrapped to the perfect amount in chocolate. This candy bar relieves any sort of stress, I promise!

Thank you for reading about my top ten favorite candy bars! What are your favorite Halloween candy bars?