Thank you for being a friend

Thank you for being a friend

Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Just before the new year sprang upon us, our beloved Betty White passed away at 99 years old, only a few weeks away from hitting 100. To honor Betty White, I will be reviewing the show “The Golden Girls,” that aired on September 14, 1985. The show is an American sitcom that happens to be one of many that have been watched for generations and loved by both young and old. This classic has been streamed through the television for so long to give new generations and older ones a show to love together.

The show stars Betty White as Rose Nylund, Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak, Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux, and Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo. The main four are older women who all live together, experiencing their golden years together, facing troubles and solving dilemmas of everyday life. They occasionally butt heads, but are still there for each other through thick and thin. 

The show is well done, and I have always held a special place in my heart for this show because of the memories that I shared with my family while watching. I have memories of watching the show with my mom or my grandparents because the show was very popular back in the mid to late 80s and 90s. This show is about four women in their “golden years” and is dated back in the 1980s, so if you’re not into that then it might be hard for you to get attached. For anyone around the ages of being a child and a teenager could possibly have a hard time liking the show. But despite it being an old show it was very well written and shouldn’t be cast aside because of its age.

It’s family friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages. I give the show a 5/5 rating and would recommend this show to anyone who likes sitcoms, comedy, and drama.