When Winter Comes Around, a poem


Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

When Winter Comes Around


When winter comes around

We expect piles of snow

The wintry wind is a wondrous sound

Yet we still mumble and grumble


Nothing is ever good enough for us

We want more

and more

Until we want so much from everything,

we end up losing it all


When winter comes around

We complain it is too cold,

or it’s too bland and not profound–

but do we ever stop

and listen to the swirls of the snow

or the twiddle of the snow bird?


We only think of our gloom

Not of nature’s beauty,

like the clear,

dazzling icicles that hang from houses

We should be in awe.


When winter comes around,

let us surround

Our families,

Our friends,

and lives with happiness and hope

let us do this every time

that winter comes around