Advice for you in 2022


Willow Bowen and Ruthie Light

New Year means a new you. Usually on New Year’s the pressure for having new goals stays on the back burner and people ignore them until the next year. In this week’s article, we will be giving you advice on how to make 2022 a good and healthy year. If you would like to know how to make this year better than the last, then keep reading. 

First, we will be talking about staying motivated for the next 12 months. Staying motivated is one of the most important things to be because it’s the first step to being more active and healthy all together. So how do you stay motivated? Well, you could try writing down events, goals, or chores you have in a planner, calendar, notebook, etc. Writing down events and goals can help you become more excited to be productive. Writing down critical tasks like the ones listed above can be especially helpful for people in school because if you end up forgetting to get your homework finished, it could become a huge burden of stress in your life. Also, you will find that remembering to turn assignments in on time leaves more time to relax and do things you enjoy outside of school. School can make staying motivated hard with all the stress of grades and assignments. If you stay on track, whether it’s now or months ahead, you will notice school becoming less stressful overall. 

The second step to having a good year is to be less judgmental and more carefree. One thing that I (Willow) have learned is holding grudges against someone can create a really unhealthy atmosphere for you and those around you. Carrying that weight of being angry at someone can ruin your year entirely. We encourage everyone reading this to think back to all the people that did something shady or hurtful to you and learn to forgive and forget. This doesn’t mean we think you should have to associate yourself with those that hurt you, just don’t let events in the past damage your future. When you move on from the circumstance that caused you to be sad or angry, you will feel the weight of it lift off your shoulders. Also, being judgmental can affect having a carefree year. When you’re judgmental it could mess up your entire mental health. All being judgmental is doing is filling up your head with bad thoughts. If you pick up a habit of judging people then it could wear off on your friends too, so try to just worry about the people who make you happy. 

Lastly, keeping yourself entertained with a new hobby could completely change your way of life. When you find a new hobby to enjoy, it opens up more possibilities. For example if you find a new interest you could make new friends, find a new passion, have more motivation, and just feel more excited overall. On the other hand it can even benefit your mental health by relieving stress, making new challenges, allowing you to explore your talents, and encouraging you to take a break. Finding a new hobby does not have to be pricey. Some affordable hobbies that anyone can enjoy or pick up could include painting, baking, writing, drawing, hiking, origami, exercising, and much more. The good thing is that the possibility for something new is endless. You could change your hobby every month, week, or year all depending on when you want to try something new again. Overall, having a hobby can add layers to your life and identity. They give you something to be excited about. So do yourself a favor and find an enjoyable hobby. 

For the new year of 2022 don’t forget to keep your motivation high, be less judgmental, more carefree, and to find a new interest. It is important to stay true to yourself throughout all of this and if 2022 doesn’t go as planned, there’s always next year. If you need any advice about relationships, friendships, or anything at all, make sure to message us on @adviceadvocates on Instagram. Happy New Year!