Holiday memories from your Beaver Tales staff


Beaver Tales Staff

The Beaver Tales staff members were asked to share their favorite holiday memories, traditions, or what they were most looking forward to doing over the holiday break.

Cameron Brown: Going to my brother’s Christmas Eve and watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate!

Jennica Chase: Spending time with my family; seeing family that comes home; being able to open one gift on Christmas Eve; watching Christmas movies the rest of the day.

Ariana Gilger: Opening one gift on Christmas Eve.

Ava Gjertsen: My favorite holiday memory is visiting my family in Indiana.

Kayla Hayes: Almost every year, my mom takes this long tube of fabric and puts little stocking stuffers into it with string knotted around each of the items to keep them separated. Each day leading up to Christmas, we open up a gift for that day with an increase in value after each day. It’s like a 12 days of Christmas or bonus stocking before Christmas happens.

Jenna Martin: I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family, starting work, and snowboarding over break!

Emma Minnick: My favorite holiday tradition is drinking (nonalcoholic) Tom and Jerry’s because they are really good and always get me in the holiday spirit!

Trevor Raupach: My favorite holiday memory is getting an XboxOne.

Emma Reyda: My favorite holiday memory was when my brother and I would have slumber parties on Christmas Eve because we were both too excited for Christmas to sleep.

Reagan White: I plan to finish “The 100.”

MaKenna Moore: My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas night when my family and I drive to look at Christmas lights and drink hot chocolate. We always go that night every year, and it is so much fun. Seeing all the splendorous lights shining all around after a long day of Christmas cheer is the best feeling.

Haeleigh Bayle: A favorite holiday tradition/memory of Christmas is waking up to the smell of Monkey bread (it’s kind of like mini cinnamon rolls) being baked in the oven and, of course, getting to spend time with family later in the day.

Sea Geer: One of my favorite holiday memories is when I was really young I thought my mother had given me mac & cheese for Christmas and I was very excited. In reality she had just reused the box for wrapping purposes and it was actually a Furby that we could never get to work. The next year she actually got me mac & cheese for Christmas and all was right in the world.