Marine love, or being in a military relationship


Jennica Chase, Reporter

Have you ever been in a military relationship? If you have or are, it is not fun, but everything about it makes it special. My boyfriend and I are in a military relationship. He is in the United States Marine Corps. He left for boot camp on September 12, 2021 and he came home December 10, 2021.

To me it seemed like he was gone forever. We went from texting and calling every day, to not talking to each other for three months. I know it doesn’t seem long, but when you have no life like me, your boyfriend is the only thing that keeps you busy. I mean, I did have school, work, and our dog to keep my busy, but it wasn’t enough.

I counted down the days till he came home. Every day was a day closer to when I got to see him. We would send letters back and forth, but it was not enough for us. It was family day/graduation and he called me. I immediately started crying in the IMC. The sound of his voice was so nice to hear. The day after I talked to him I finally got to see him in person. After three months of not seeing someone you are clearly going to miss them.

It was around 12:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 11. He pulled into my driveway, and my mom told me to come outside. My cousin got her phone out and started recording. Before he could even step out of his car I already jumped on him. It felt so nice to finally hug him. I got to spend the entire day with him that day. I got to see his parents after three months, and it was one of the best feelings in the world. It felt like nothing had changed.