Things to pay attention to after the MLB lockout

Shortstop Carlos Correa celebrates a homerun

David j. Phillip

Shortstop Carlos Correa celebrates a homerun

Jonathan Albers, Editor

When the MLB and MLBPA (Major League baseball Players Association) couldn’t agree on a new bargaining agreement, the league entered a lockout. This means no transactions were allowed until a new bargaining agreement is decided upon. The stove was hot right before the lockout, and it’s expected to be hot when the lockout concludes. So here are some players to pay attention to when the lockout ends.

Clayton Kershaw

Kershaw has has a historic career so far with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but his time with the Dodgers may be coming to an end. Before the lockout, Kershaw was rumored to be in talks with the Rangers. This show that the Rangers are fully committed to winning in 2022. But the Dodgers have never had a problem with spending big money. Will Kershaw stay with his Dodgers, or join his former teammate Corey Seager with the Rangers?

Seiya Suzuki

Suzuki is a slugger from Japan that has been drawing major attention from MLB teams. Last season, the 26 year old hit .317, with a .433 on base percentage, .636 slugging, and a 1.039 ops. Suzuki is projected to transition well into the MLB, so let’s see if any buyers are willing to take a chance on the Japanese slugger.

Freddie Freeman 

Freeman has been a premier player in the league for years now. He has spent his whole career in Atlanta, and he finally has a ring to show for it. Freeman declined an offer from the Braves early this off-season, presumably because he wanted more money, but this opens the door for other buyers to try their had at a deal. The 5x all-star, gold glove, 3x silver slugger, and 2020 MVP still has a lot to offer at first base. Teams that are interested in Freeman include the Blue Jays, Dodgers, and Yankees. Will Freeman stay with his long-time team? Or will he join a new team in hopes of winning another ring?

Trevor Story

Everyone expected Story to get dealt at the deadline last season, but for some odd reason, he did not. After free agency started, everyone expected Story to sign with a different team because the Rockies have no need for him. The baseball world was yet again surprised when the rumors spread that the Rockies are interested in signing Story. Story has proven to be one of the best shortstops in the league, both offensively and defensively. It will be interesting to see if the Rockies resign Story, or if another buyer will be interested in getting a stud shortstop.

Carlos Correa 

Seemingly the biggest story line this off-season is where will Carlos Correa sign. Correa has made it clear that he is most likely not re-signing with the Houston Astros. This means that he will be taking his talents elsewhere. The gold and platinum glove winner will make a huge impact wherever he ends up. The Dodgers, Yankees, Mariners, Cardinals, Phillies, Blue Jays, Angels and Red Sox all have shown interest in the star shortstop, but we will have to wait until the lockout is over to see where he lands.