CAHS New Year’s resolutions

CAHS New Years resolutions

Reagan White, Reporter

Mrs. Beebe: Try to live a healthier life.

Baylee Smith: Follow through with projects and still be able to start new ones.

Kaylee Weisner: Start a workout routine.

Haeleigh Bayle: Be a better person.

Ruthie Light: Grow hair out.

Lauren Thomas: Try to be more motivated to write.

Emma Minnick: Raise grades.

Mr. Carney: Read more books.

Taylor Holder: Pass English class

Mr. Brewer: Make good choices.

Connor Plunkett: Pass this year with decent grades.

Dakota Donaldson: Learn how to play piano.

Halle Peterson: Learn how to play a ukulele.

Nathan Lesher: Improve athletic skills.

Tyler Jackson: Be more kind to his friends.

Mr. Soprano: Be more efficient with cleaning the dishes.

Mrs. Brady: Survive the rest of the school year.

Kyle Belfiore: Stop fighting with my younger brother.

Addison Pillar: Achieve better grades in math.

Piper Johnson: Get better grades and keep them.

Ashlyn Aderhold: Teach her horse a new trick.

Sara Colwell: Stop procrastinating.

Lilyauna Shearer: Learn to trust people close to her more.

Olivia Jackson: Be more productive.

Karissa Anderson: Have a fresh start with her mental health.