First Friday fun!


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

People of Corry, it’s that time of the month again. Music, food, shopping, and family fun. This month’s First Friday was  held on December 3. Many Christmas activities were held from 5:00 pm -10:00 pm.

The council of Corry has come up with multiple exciting events that fit the Christmas season including: horse-drawn carriage rides across the town; viewing the lights and joyful spirits around you; hot chocolate at almost every street corner; cheerful music filling the streets; decorations and cheer surrounding you the whole night.

Stores stayed open late and displayed sales for this special occasion. Delicious foods were on almost every street corner for people to enjoy. Food trucks, crafts, clothes, art, horse-drawn rides, and more! First Fridays are for everyone in the town of Corry.

The festivities are based on what events are going on in that month. For example, in October they have Halloween activities, and the town is decorated for the spooky season. December is all about Christmas, so it’s fitting that the locals celebrate the joyful season. Everyone in town swarms the streets and celebrate all the festivities that are set up.